Warkworth Bridge Club Winners 2024

Monday Evening Events 

Summer Competition: Ross Longney & Chris Jurgeleit

Drawn Pairs:  

Singles Competition: 

Kawau Competition: 

Omaha Competition: 

Welcome Pairs: 

Drawn Pairs: 

Kaipara Competition: 


Zurich Competition


Tuesday Daytime Events

Introductory Competition: Jeanette Grimmer & Paul Grimmer

Jeannie Fraser Trophy: David & Celia Knighton 

Warkworth Pairs: 


Teams of 4: 

Rita Collie Trophy: 

Rodney Pairs: 

Wellsford Pairs: 

Championship Pairs: 

Christmas Pairs: 

Anniversary Pairs:

Spring Competition:

Christmas Pairs:


Wednesday Evening Events

Presidents Trophy: Ross Longney & Murray Jurgeleit

Ron Barnett trophy: Paul Grimmer & Chris Jurgeleit

Championship Pairs: 

Rees Trophy: 

Captain's Trophy: 


Brunei Trophy: 

Zurich Pairs: 

Kowhai Pairs: 

Mahurangi Trophy: 

Hibiscus Coast Trophy:

Holiday Bridge:

Warkworth Interclub Placings 2024

Junior Teams

WW Omaha - 

WW Tawharanui - 

Intermediate Teams

WW Mahurangi - 

WW Matakana - 

Warkworth Bridge Club Winners 2023

Monday Evening Events 

Summer Competition - Mary-Jane Hayward & Richard Norburn

Drawn Pairs Competition - Jan Bathgate & Rae Garnett

Singles Competition - Helen Kelly

Kawau Competition - Bob Simpson & Jeanette Grimmer

Welcome Pairs - Sarah Gordon & Bob Simpson

Drawn Pairs - Karen & Graham Hartshorn

Omaha Competition - Diane Carroll and Shona Duncan

Singles Competition - Anne Murphy

Kaipara Competition - Diane Carroll & Ann Locke

Zurich Pairs - Karen & Graham Hartshorn

Christmas Special - Diane Carroll & Shona Duncan


Tuesday Daytime Events

Introductory Competition - Rae & Bill Garnett

Feb for Fun - only 2 sessions due to storm

Warkworth Pairs - Jeanette & Paul Grimmer

Individual - David Knighton

Jeannie Fraser Trophy - Rae & Bill Garnett

Rita Collie Trophy - Caroline Goodall & Joan Gordon

Wellsford Pairs - Joan Gordon & Caroline Goodall

Rodney Pairs - Kathryn Burgess & Jeanette Grimmer

Wellsford Pairs - Joan Gordon & Caroline Goodall

Championship Pairs - Jeanette Grimmer & Paul Grimmer

Anniversary Pairs - Rae & Bill Garnett

Spring Competition - Pam Stenning & Caroline Goodall

Christmas Pairs - David & Celia Knighton

Wednesday Evening Events

President's Trophy - Celia & David Knighton

Ron Barnett Trophy - Chris Moore & Claire Macpherson

Championship Pairs - Chris Moore & Richard Norburn 

Rees Trophy - Claire McPherson & Richard Biggs

Captains Trophy - Louis & Jacque Biggs

Brunei Trophy - Sarah Gordon & Jacque Biggs

Zurich Pairs - Louis & Jacque Biggs

Kowhai Pairs - Robin Bickerton-Fisher & Margo Bubbert

Mahurangi Trophy - Richard Biggs & Jacque Biggs

Hibiscus Coast Trophy - David & Celia Knighton

Holiday Bridge - David & Celia Knighton


Warkworth Interclub Placings 2023

Junior Teams

Warkworth Spades 4th

Warkworth Diamonds 13th

Intermediate Teams

Warkworth Aces 11th

Warkworth Wizards 12th