Warkworth Bridge Club Winners 2022

Monday Evening Events 

Drawn Pairs: 1st: Karen Letica & Claire Macpherson 2nd: Tony Georgette & Kathryn Burgess

Singles Competition: 1st: Dianne Knight Joint 2nd: Rae & Bill Garnett

Kawau Competition: 1st: Alister Johnson & Shona Duncan 2nd: Jan Baithgate & Paul Grimmer

Welcome Pairs:

Drawn Pairs:

Omaha Competition:


Kaipara Competition 

Swiss Pairs:

Christmas Special: 

Tuesday Daytime Events

Warkworth Pair: 1st: Claire Macpherson & Paul Grimmer 2nd: Lesley Cavanagh & Margaret Gibson-Smith

Individual:1st: Jeanette Grimmer 2nd: Paul Grimmer

Jeannie Fraser Trophy: 1st: Bruce & Julie Snowsill 2nd: Sarah Gordon & Vanessa Barber 

Rita Collie Trophy:

Rodney Pairs: 

Wellsford Pairs:

Championship Pairs:

Anniversary Pairs:

Spring Competition:

Christmas Pairs:

Wednesday Evening Events

Championship Pairs: 1st: Paul Grimmer & Louis 2nd: Jacque & Richard Biggs

Rees Trophy:1st: Helen Kelly & Jeanette Grimmer 2nd: Claire Macpherson & Paul Grimmer

Captains Trophy: 


Brunei Trophy:

Swiss Pairs:

Kowhai Pairs:

Mahurangi Trophy:

Hibuscus Trophy:

Holiday Bridge:

Friday Evenings on Real Bridge

Warkworth Teams Interclub placings (number of teams playing, Juniors 18, Intermediates 20)

Aril 8th: Juniors - Mahu Majors (1st), Mahu Minors (8th) - Intermediates - Kawau Kings (19th), Warkworth Wildcards (7th)

May 20th

June 17th

July 8th

August 12th

September 16th

October 28th

November 18th

Real Bridge Club Sessions

April 15th - 1st:Liz Allen & Steve Moore, 2nd: Karen Letica & Anne Murphy

April 22nd - 1st: Sarah Gordon & Jeanette Grimmer 2nd: Mathew Johnson & Fred Dennerly

April 29th -

May 6th -

May 13th -

Warkworth Tournament Winners 2022

Cancelled due to COVID

Warkworth Tournament Winners 2021

1st: Lee Walters/Patsy Walters 2nd: Carol Wilkinson/George Wilkinson 3rd: Matt Brown/Tania Brown

Warkworth Bridge Club Winners 2021

Tuesday Daytime Events

Holiday Bridge: 1st: J Grimmer & P Grimmer 2nd: Rae Garnett & Bill Garnett

Introductory Competition: 1st: Angela Kissling & Pam Bosch 2nd: Claire Loveland & Gaye Decker

Teams of 4:

Warkworth Pairs:1st: Rae Garnett & Margaret Gibson-Smith 2nd: David & Celia Knighton

Individual:1st: Paul Grimmer 2nd: David Knighton

Jeannie Fraser Trophy: 1st: Jan France & Lesley Cavanagh 2nd:Lynley & Ian Lewington

Rita Collie Trophy: 1st: Steve Moore & Bill Garnett 2nd: Dianne Knight & Jeanette Grimmer

Rodney Pairs: 1st: Rae Garnett & Margaret Gibson-Smith 2nd:Steve Moore & Greg Payne

Wellsford Pairs: 1st: David & Celia Knighton 2nd: Jeanette Grimmer & John Gamble


Wednesday Evening Events

Holiday Bridge: 1stJ Grimmer & P Grimmer 2nd: Ian & Lynley Lewington

Presidents Trophy:1st: Bill Garnett & Margret Gibson-Smith 2nd: David & Celia Knighton

Ron Barnet Trophy: 1st: Steve Moore & Chris Moore 2nd: Paul Grimmer & Derek Reynolds

Championship Pairs: 1st: Paul Grimmer & Derek Reynolds 2nd: Steve Moore & Graeme Duhs

Rees Trophy:1st: Derek Reynolds & Anne Savage 2nd: Paul Decker & Claire Macpherson

Captains Trophy: 1st: Claire Loveland & Graeme Duhs 2nd: Paul Grimmer & Derek Reynalds

Singles: 1st: Richard Biggs 2nd: Paul Grimmer

Brunei Trophy:1st: Claire Loveland & Graeme Duhs 2nd: David & Celia Knighton

Warkworth Bridge Club Winners 2020

Monday Evening Events 

Summer Competition: 1st: S Gordon / F Caldwell, 2nd: C Christie / S Wilson

Mahurangi Comp 1st: S Wilson / J Rees, 2nd: D Hodges / S Duncan

Christmas Comp 1st: D Carroll / D Reynolds 

Christmas Special: N/S 1st: Toni Georgetti/Chris Moore 2nd: Ann Locke/Alan France E/W 1st: Julian Wade/Heather Mackay 2nd: Lesley Barley/Elizabeth Jones

Tuesday Daytime Events

Introductory Comp: 1st: J Grimmer / P Grimmer, 2nd B & S Stevenson

Teams Event: 1st: J Robinson K Anderson C Loveland G Decker, 2nd: P Grimmer, D Gardiner S Regan J Grimmer

Warkworth Pairs: 1st: D Gardiner / G Jury, 2nd: G Payne / K Anderson

Rodney Pairs: 1st: G Payne / K Anderson, 2nd: S Regan / J Gordon

Wellsford Pairs: 1st: S Regan / J Robinson, 2nd: C & D Knighton

Championship Pairs: 1st: D Gardiner / J Gordon, 2nd: S Regan J Robinson

Christmas Pairs: 1st: David Knighton/Celia Knighton  2nd: Elizabeth Thompson/Helen Kelly

Wednesday Evening Events 

President's Trophy: 1st: C Moore / R Knight, 2nd: J Grimmer / P Grimmer

Ron Barnet Trophy: 1st: C & D Knighton, 2nd: E Wilkins / P Grimmer

Championship Pairs: 1st: C Loveland / G Decker, 2nd: R Biggs / J Biggs

Hibiscus Coast Trophy: 1st: C & D Knighton, 2nd: L & I Lewington

Holiday Bridge: 1st: R & B Garnett, 2nd: C Christie / G Decker


Lockdown Events

BBO C'est La Vie Pairs

1st: David and Celia Knighton 2nd: Chris Moore / Richard Knight

BBO Butterfly Pairs

1st: Jan and Alan France 2nd: Ian and Lynley Lewington

BBO Give it a Go Pairs

NS - 1st: Graeme Duhs / Dave Gardiner 2nd: Jan and Alan France

EW - 1st: Celia and David Knighton 2nd: Lesley Barley / Liz Allen 

BBO Asparagus Pairs

NS - 1st: Jenny and Gary Robinson 2nd: Heather Jack / Barbara 

EW - 1st: Sandra and Ron Cooper 2nd =: Richard Knight / Chris Moore and Karen Windross / Sarah Gordon 

BBO Goulash Teams Challenge - Sunday 39th August 2020

Overall Winners - Blue Team: David Knighton, Jeanette Grimmer, Jan France, Karen Windross

Session 1 winners - Green Team: Derek Evennett, Richard Norburn, Ian Lewington, Celia Knighton

Session 2 winners- Blue Team: David Knighton, Jeanette Grimmer, Jan France, Karen Windross

2020 BBO Lockdown Bubbles

 Bubbles 15-21 April - 1st: Brown Team:  Jeanette Grimmer, Estelle Martin, Vanessa Barber, Steve Moore 2nd: Red Team:  Graeme Duhs, Gil Jury, Lynda Tate, Lesley Barley

Double Bubbles 23-29 April - 1st: Blue Team:  Dianne Knight, Estelle Martin, Jeanette Grimmer, Sue Moore 2nd: Brown Team:  Celia Knighton, Lesley Barley, Steve Moore, Helen Kelly

Bigger Bubbles 3-9 May - 1st: Purple Team:  David Knighton, Liz Allen, Richard Norburn, Vanessa Barber 2nd: Blue Team:  Jenny Robinson, Ian Lewington, Dianne Knight, Colin Beckwith

Burst Bubbles 13-19 May - 1st: Pink Team:  Lynley Lewington, Helen Kelly, David Knighton, Dianne Knight

2nd: Green Team:  Vivian Pollock, Helen Beckwith, Gil Jury, Sue Nicholls

EGG Tournament 25 May - 15 June - 1st: Blue Team:  Graeme Duhs, Sarah Gordon, Vanessa Barber, Ian Lewington 2nd: Red Team:  Helen Beckwith, Dianne Knight, Alan France, Liz Allen 


Warkworth Bridge Club Winners 2019

Tuesday Daytime Events:

Introductory Competition (H’cap):  Jeanette Grimmer / Paul Grimmer

Teams of Four:  Jenny Robinson / Gaye Decker / Kath Anderson / Joan Gordon

Warkworth Pairs:  Joan Gordon / Kathleen Anderson

Individual:  Sandy Regan

Jeannie Fraser Trophy (H’cap):  Claire Loveland / Graeme Duhs

Rita Collie Trophy:  Rae Garnett / Marnie Rogers

Rodney Pairs:  Jeanette Grimmer / Joan Gordon

Wellsford Pairs:  Richard Knight / Dallas Mitchell

Championship Pairs:  Sandy Regan / Jenny Robinson

Anniversary Pairs:  Sandy Regan / Joan Gordon

Spring Competition:  Chris Moore / Richard Knight


Wednesday Evening Events:

President’s Trophy:  Ginette Hawke / Paul Grimmer

Ron Barnett Trophy:  Claire Loveland / Margaret Gibson-Smith

Championship Pairs:  Claire Loveland / Gaye Decker

Rees Trophy (H’cap):  Steve Moore / Helen Beckwith

Captain’s Trophy:  Claire Loveland / Jenny Robinson

Singles:  Margaret Gibson-Smith

Brunei Trophy:  Chris Moore / Steve Moore

Swiss Pairs:  Chris Christie / Gaye Decker

Kowhai Pairs (H’cap):  Steve Moore / Richard Knight - Mahurangi Pairs:  Richard Norburn / Jenny Robinson

Hibiscus Coast Trophy:  David Knighton / Celia Knighton