The role of the Director

Your opponents have just called the director to the table, and you feel as if you've been sent to the principle's office. Understanding the director's role may help to relieve these feelings.

Remember the director is your friend.

The Director has a number of roles. They set up how the boards will be played and to ensure that everything runs smoothly as well as clarifying the rules and regulations that govern duplicate bridge. 

They are not school principals - or even football referees. Their job is not to punish, it is to restore equity to the non-offending side. To the best of their ability, and by their understanding of the laws of duplicate bridge, when something irregular occurs at the bridge table, they resolve each case as equitably as possible to both sides. 

Their goal is to see that the non-offenders are not damaged by any irregularity. If damage does occur, and if the damage was directly caused by the irregularity, a director will award an adjusted score. If no damage was caused by the irregularity, or if any damage was self-inflicted, no score adjustment will be awarded, other than mandated by the law. 

The laws of Bridge can be quite complicated and the directors have studied them and taken an exam, so make sure, if things go wrong you call the director and don't try to sort it out at the table, this may only cause more problems or give unfair advantage.

Remember a polite Director Please will bring a friendly face and a wealth of knowledge to help your game run smoothly.

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