New Zealand Wide Pairs


To Be Held at Bridge Clubs throughout New Zealand

  • Scored across the whole field and at each club
  • Prizes awarded for top scores nationwide
  • and highest two scores for pairs below Open & Intermediate level
  • A points awarded per region and per club
  • The same pre-dealt hands played at all competing clubs
  • Booklet containing commentary on each hand will be given to all players after play
  • Intermediate level systems only
  • Scored by the X Club Team with across the field results expected within 24 hours


Congratulations to Sue Nicholls and Heugh Kelly who were the second Junior pair in NZ (check out their photo in the photo tab of our website, and to Lynley & Ian Lewington who were the 9th junior pair in NZ.

A total of 856 pairs participated around New Zealand - a great turnout!